The Company

In 1976, Jean Herve began to make almond and tahini butter to feed his six kids, brought up by vegetarian principles.

Steadily over the years, the company grew at the same time as the product range extended to supplement a vegetarian diet and to rebalance the bodies weakened by the modern lifestyle, at weaning babies, but also athletes, and finally for all gourmets in search of authentic flavors.

Dried fruits are naturally high in protein, B vitamins, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, as well as trace elements ...

After more than thirty years, the traditional methods of manufacture of Jean Herve's company have not changed: the drying of fruit is still by wood fire, and grinding on a grindstone at low temperature.

These are the special processes that have made ​​the reputation of Jean Herve and helped develop the brand throughout France but also in Europe.

Today, the children of Jean Herve take over from the founder, and are determined to keep these method of production which are guarantees of quality, not the easy industrial way that uses infrared tunnels that allow a unified drying, or ball grinding method which is faster, who give smoother and finer purees .

Jean Herve gave to his children the taste of living and healthy food , and the respect of the qualities of worked dried fruits.

The company is the alliance of the craft with the manufacturing and of the industry with the packaging, to increase in productivity and rationality.

Early 2015, the team represents 38 people. Local recruitment of staff allows both a real socio-economic involvement of the company in the life of our region and a limitation of transport from home to work .