Ruiz Simeao

RUI Simeao comes from a family who worked the salt for 5 generations, knowledge has been passed down from father to son: the work of preparing the saline control salt crystallization, collection and sale of products.

Are traditionally harvested on 13 hectares of salt belonging to the family, the flower of salt and salt.  These saline are considered a model.
The saltworks are divided into 3 separate parts, which allow the formation and collection of salt.
These three parts are : - a large pool of water
- An area of evaporation and concentration
- An area of crystallization and harvesting.
This allows an annual production of 60 to 80 tons of flower of salt and 800 to 1000 tons of traditional salt.
The saltworks are located in the Ria Formosa Natural Park (Reserve of seafood and other marine life) where the sludge is of a special quality.  It's close to where the ocean enters the park which is important in the final product quality.  This quality is confirmed in the analysis of salt.
The place is far from any pollution, which could affect the quality.
In the saltwork,  there is also a storage building and packing of 1500 m² and a height of 3 meters which can store 3000 tonnes. Storage and packaging are separated.
RUI Simeao is a pioneer in the production of flower of salt in Portugal, two years before the others, primarily for export and then for local market.
JEAN HERVE chose  Rui Simeao 's salt for its products because he believes it is the best salt there is,  that is naturally clean and pure.